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We have been bestowed the prestigious Manufacturing Based Export House for our valuable contribution in increasing the country’s exports. This clearly depicts our strategic intent to be a global powerhouse in the dyestuffs’ arena with customer focus, unstinting diligence, perseverance and innovation.


 Company Philosophy

Our current production capacity stands at 4000 tonnes per annum, with plant facilities located at Vapi in Gujarat State. This location is ideally located about 150 kms outside Mumbai city. The plant is equipped with modern state-of-the-art machinery to ensure:
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To constantly achieve the highest product standards, it requires meticulous product standards, considerable resources and finely tuned processes and procedures. At Sheldon, we develop, test and continuously improve our production, quality control and reporting systems to ensure that our product quality is never compromised.
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Quality is inherent in every aspect of our business - from painstaking selection of only the finest raw material to our advanced manufacturing processes and production distribution. At our manufacturing facilities, inspection and testing laboratories with advanced measuring equipment, and skilled technicians, ensure that each batch meets the highest international standards.
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