Basic Dyes:

Basic Dyes for paper widely used in textile industries. Basic Dyes offered by us are used mainly in the applications of acrylic fibers such as types 42 and 75 orlon and type 61 creslan. The dye is generally used to produce bright and deep shades with superior light and wash fastness. Its application is similar to that of direct Dyes but requires different and more precise controls with auxiliaries and temperature.

Auromine O Basic Yellow 2
Rhodamine B - 540% Basic Violet 10
Magenta P (Pdr/Xls) Basic Violet 2
Methy Violet 2B Basic Violet 1
Victoria Blue B H/C Basic Blue 26
Diamond Green Basic Green 1
Malachite Green XLS Basic Green 4
Bismark Brown R Basic Brown 1

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