Direct Dyes:

Substantive dyes or more popularly known as Direct Dyes are dyed on cellulosic fibers at near boiling temperatures from neutral or weakly alkaline baths along with salt (Common or Glauber's Salt Calc.)

Although this class of dyes can not be compared with vat, solubilized vat, azoic, fiber reactive, sulphur and pigment groups of colorants in respect of color fastness properties, their comparative cheapness, simplicity of application and availability of all shades and hues in one class of dyestuffs makes them one of the most important groups of dyes for cotton, viscose, cuprammonium and various cellulose based fine textiles such as voiles, georgette, crepe, chiffon. Knitwear etc . because many for dyeing ground shades for subsequent discharge printing.

Specific Direct Dyes are also used for dyeing lignin fibers such as jutes, sisal, coir, paper, leather, natural silk, wool, nylon as well as blends of cellulose.

Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6
Chrysophenine G Direct Yellow 12
Brilliant Paper Yellow Direct Yellow 4
Paper Yellow T Direct Yellow 11
Sun Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
Orange SE Direct Orange 26
Orange TGY Direct Orange 37
Orange TGO Direct Orange 34
Fast Orange TGLL Direct Orange 39
Red 4B Direct Red 81
Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23
Red F3B Reactive Red 80
Pink FR Direct Red 227
Red 12B Direct Red 31
Violet MB Direct Violet 9
Turquoise Blue GLL 200% Direct Blue 71
Turq. Blue GL 120% Direct Blue 86
Turquoise Blue FBL Direct Blue 199
Black SM Direct Black 168
Black B Direct Black 19
Black A Direct Black 22
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