A dye is a colored substance that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied. The dye is generally applied in an aqueous solution, and may require a mordant to improve the fastness of the dye on the fiber.

Both dyes and pigments are colored, because they absorb only some wavelengths of visible light. Dyes are usually soluble in water whereas pigments are insoluble. Some dyes can be rendered insoluble with the addition of salt to produce a lake pigment.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes come from class of highly colored organic substances that find application in tinting of textiles. These work by attaching to substrates through chemical reaction, thus forming covalent bonding between molecule of dye and fiber. This process makes dyes used as part of fiber and has stronger resistance for removal by washing .

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Direct Dyes

Direct dyes are usually applied with the addition of electrolyte at or near the boil in the machines capable of running at atmospheric pressure .But in HTHP dyeing machines it is carried out at temperatures above the boil in case of pure as well as blended yarns.

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Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes can be easily applied on wool, and other protein fibres and poly amide fibres and are therefore largely used. They are applied in the presence of an organic acid or an inorganic acid and hence are called as acid dyes. Authorized and certified manufacturers and trusted suppliers of acid dyes as well as liquid acid dyes in Mumbai, India and entire world with 100% surety of purit
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Basic Dyes

Basic dyes for paper widely used in textile industries. Basic dyes offered by us are used mainly in the applications of acrylic fibers such as types 42 and 75 orlon and type 61 creslan. The dye is generally used to produce bright and deep shades with superior light and wash fastness. Its application is similar to that of direct dyes but requires different and more precise controls with auxiliaries and temperatur.

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Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes are made using best quality raw materials. these types of dyes are widely used for dyeing of nylon, polyester and acrylic fibers. the kinetics of this dyeing system are determined as a function of temperature with various disperse dyes at different molecular weights. in general, dyes with lower molecular weight have a faster dyeing rate.

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